Turquoise. Lux Helsinki Light Festival 2023

Turquoise ( 2023)

Single channel video installation. Duration: 22 min continuous loop, no audio.
Documentation 5 min

In the Turquoise video installation, visual artists Kaisu Koivisto and Anna Nykyri examine the colour of the water of the Baltic Sea, which is affected among other things by pollutants, eutrophication and blue algae. Baltic Sea research data is used as indicators of changes in the image flow of the work.

The image layers in Turkoosi show the world of living creatures depicted with the help of a micros-cope, aquatic plants, waves and sea animals. The work was filmed in the Gulf of Finland, at the Husö Biological Station in the Åland Islands and on Svalbard.

The premier of Turquoise was at the Lux Helsinki Light Festival in Helsinki, 4th to 8th January 2023, projected on the Dance House Helsinki facade. It was also included in the exhibition The Unknown Baltic, at Levyhalli located on the Suomenlinna island in Helsinki, May 17th to 15th 2023. The curator of the exhibition: Henna Paunu.
Link to The Unknown Baltic

Artists: Kaisu Koivisto and Anna Nykyri
Data-based compositing: Roberto Fusco

In co-operation with: Niilo Helander Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Oskar Öflund Foundation, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, City of Helsinki, Tony Cederberg / Åbo Akademi University, Finnish Environment Institute / Kari Kallio, Jenni Attila, Vesa Keto and Sea Life Helsinki.

Thanks to: Marko Tandefelt