Images 1 - 16: From the series New Nuuk. Pigment print; 2019
Images 17-23: From the series New Nuuk. Pigment print; 2018


Kaisu Koivisto begun a new multidisciplinary project New Nuuk in April 2018, focusing on the urbanization of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland which is situated about 240 km south of the Polar Circle. Over a third of Greenland’s total population lives in the Nuuk area. The city is changing rapidly, with new suburbs being built amid the barren and majestic landscape. Why is Nuuk experiencing such a building boom?

In December 2019 Koivisto returned to Nuuk to continue her project. Much had happened in one and half years. New apartment buildings dominate the cityscape. More are under construction, and old buildings give space for new. New roads and rolls of cable point the direction to the places where something will happen in the near future.

New Nuuk is about changes. The transformation of the cityscape is a result of social, cultural, post-colonial, economical, demographic, environmental and political issues. Koivisto aims to photograph in Nuuk till 2030, documenting the changes – big and small – what they look and feel like. Collaborating with researchers will provide information on the backgrounds of the processes.

The visit to Greenland in December 2019 was generously funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

New Nuuk is participating in Changes on Northern Shores 

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