Dance of the Insects Stainless steel and powder-painted stainless steel; 2019 4 parts, 3 outdoors and one indoors. The largest part: 6,20 m x 4,98 m x 0,20 cm Situated at Kuikkalampi Kindergarten in Kuopio, Finland.
Vuores Peacock Electrogalvanized and painted steel; 2017 215 X 265 X 67 cm As. Oy Tampereen Vuoreksen Elias and As. Oy Tampereen Vuoreksen Olivia in Tampere, Finland
On Land, at Sea and in the Air Electrogalvanized and painted steel; 2015 206 x 477 x 34 cm As .Oy Vuoreksen Johannes, Tampere, Finland